Assam: Authorities welcome migratory birds in Jatinga


The Envionrment and forest department yesterday organized a ceremonial welcome programme of migratory birds to Dima Hasao district.

To spread the message of saving the birds of Jatinga, the Environment & Forest Department organized the ceremonial welcome programme for migratory birds to Dima Hasao at the Jatinga Birds Watching Centre yesterday.

The programme was attended by North Cachar Hills Autonmous Hills CEM Debolal Gorlosa along with other top officials.

CEM Gorlosa explained the importance of the preservation of the birds of Jatinga and appealed to the people to protect and preserve the migratory birds visiting Jatinga during this season.

Chief Conservator of Forests Tungnung also assured all possible help from the forest department and appeal to everyone to enjoy the famed Jatinga birds phenomenon without hurting the migratory birds.