Assam assembly passes legislation banning magical healing


The Assam assembly on Monday passed legislation, banning (non-scientific) magical healing practices in the state.

The Assam Healing (Prevention of Evil) Practices Bill, 2024, which aims to prevent traditional healing done with ulterior motives, was passed on the last day of the ongoing budget session.

The legislation aims to bring awareness in society on healthy, science-based knowledge to protect human health against “evil and sinister practices thriving on ignorance and ill-health of people”.

The legislation seeks to eradicate non-scientific healing practices with “ulterior motives for exploiting the innocent people and thereby destroying the fibre of public health of the society”.

From now, no person can take part in any healing practices including claims of magical healing for treatment of any diseases, any disorder or any condition relating to human health directly or indirectly giving a false impression of treatment to cure diseases, pain or trouble to human health.

“No person shall take part in any sort of advertisement relating to any kind of medicine, remedy directly or indirectly relating to any false claim to cure diseases through healing practices,” the legislation read.

Offences committed under the provisions of the Bill would be cognizable and non-bailable and in the case of the first offence a person can be jailed for one year which may be extended up to three years with a fine of ₹50000 or with both; and, in the case of a subsequent conviction, with imprisonment which may extend up to five years, or with a fine of ₹1 lakh or both.