Assam: Another Abhi-Neel like lynching incident repeated at Dokmoka


GUWAHATI: Another brutal incident of mob lynching at Dokmoka in Karbi Anglong district of Assam has shaken the conscience of the people of the entire state. After the violent mob lynching of two young people—Abhi and Neel in 2018 at Dokmoka, another gruesome incident took place in the Dokmoka area on Wednesday.

The villagers of Langhing Lahimapur brutally killed two persons on suspicion of being witches. The errant mob not only killed the 50-year-old woman and a 27-year-old man, but also burnt their bodies near a river.

According to reports, a girl of the village died a few days ago due to some illness. However, the villagers suspected that a 50-year old woman of the village practiced witchcraft. They attributed death of the girl to the alleged witchcraft practiced by the woman named Ramabati Halowa.

Following that, the villagers had a kangaroo court on Wednesday where they had decided to punish the woman. As decided in the kangaroo court, the mob started to assault the woman. Bijay Gaur, a teacher by profession was there to stop the violent group of people. However, the teacher was also brutally attacked and killed.

After killing the both, the villagers burnt their bodies near a river.

Meanwhile, police arrested nine persons in connection with the killings.

“We have already arrested nine persons. We are interrogating them. We will nab others who are involved in the incident,” said a senior police official.

It needs to be mentioned that Abhijit Nath (Abhi) and Nilotpal Das (Neel), two young people from Guwahati were killed at Dokmoka in Karbi Anglong district in 2018 on suspicion of being child lifters.

The family members of Abhi and Neel are still waiting for the justice after more than two years of the brutal incident that had rocked the entire country.

“Such incidents on the suspicion of being child lifters and witches are happening again and again. We have not seen a very firm step from the government,” said father of Neel to News Live.

“They are encouraged to commit such crimes because the hearing of the Abhi-Neel incident is still not completed,” said Abhijit Nath’s father.