Arunachal Police gives Youtuber Paras Singh lessons on state’s history and culture


GUWAHATI: Arunachal Police had imparted lessons on history, geography, culture and tradition of Arunachali people to arrested Youtuber Paras Singh while he was in police custody.

In an exclusive interview with Northeast Live Editor-in-Chief Wasbir Hussain, SIT SP and AP spokesperson Rohit Rajbeer Singh said that apart from normal police action like arresting him, they had decided to educate the Youtuber on Arunachal Pradesh and its significance in the integrity of the country.

“We did that when he was in police custody with us when we were interrogating him. Then we also tried to clear his fundamentals about why this is such an emotive issue for us in Arunachal Pradesh,” said Singh.   

He added that Paras Singh has made significant grounds on the history of the northeastern state.

On Saturday, court remanded Paras to judicial custody for six days.