Armor Yuvii and Deepty yet again garner headlines with their first song together, “Nazar”


Both these young musical talents have already astounded audiences with their impeccable songs.

The way certain industries and fields have been growing, it only proves the passion and resilience of certain astute and talented professionals from around the world. These individuals, especially youngsters, have been doing exceedingly well in their respective industries and have been showing others how it is to be done. The music industry is filled with many such talented beings who have been pushing limits to create magic with music as singers, composers, lyricists, producers and artists.

We came to know about two such talented beings named Armor Yuvii and Deepty, who have been astounding audiences with their incredible discography and have been showing their A-game in music.

What has garnered more headlines towards them is their recent and first collaboration. Their fans and followers are already going gaga over this news and are eagerly waiting for their new song “Nazar’, which will be coming up soon. Talking about Armor Yuvii, this young musical talent has made quite a name for himself as a young Punjabi singer and hails from Rajasthan. From the very beginning, he confesses he was attracted to all things music.

Today, after working incessantlytowards his innate musical skills, he has become a prominent name in the industry as a singer and
music composer and given hits like the recent “Sad Song”, among others like Janjra, Yaar Chete Aunde, and Care Kardi.

On the other hand, Deepty is a Haryanvi/Punjabi artist and has made waves as a singer and music producer in the industry. His songs like Monsoon Love, Middle Finger, Rang Kaala, Chakka Jaam, Hathkad, and Chakka Jaam's slowed+reverbed version all have done exceedingly well across streaming platforms.

These young and extremely talented artists have now joined hands to create a new magical song named “Nazar”;, which they have planned to release soon. The coming together of these artists will bring some uniqueness to the industry and will serve listeners and audiences with something new and refreshing, for which their fans and followers are waiting excitedly.

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