Arjun Kapoor completes 8 years in Bollywood, remembers how ‘Ishaqzaade’ changed his life


New Delhi: As he completes eight years in Bollywood, actor Arjun Kapoor on Monday remembered how his first film ‘Ishaqzaade’ taught him to believe in himself.

“On the first-day of shooting, I told myself this can be the first day for the rest of my life if I get this right. And that’s what I just tried to do – work my hardest and take each day as it came and just deliver what Habib Sir wanted,” Kapoor said.

“When you are making a film you kind of become numb to the result, you just want to work hard every day and do your best in front of the camera,” he added.

He further opened up about the film and his experience after completing the shoot.

“But when I finished the film and when I finally saw it, it kind of hit me that I had the ability to hold my own in front of a camera. This feeling did give me the self-belief that given the right opportunities, I would be able to continue being a mainstream commercial hero,” he said.

“At that point of time, self-belief was one thing that mattered the most for me and that’s what I got out of Ishaqzaade,” he elaborated further.

In his debut film he played a grey character with a very different moral compass than what a Hindi film hero possesses.

“If you ask me, Ishaqzaade was not a traditional debut. It was unconventional and that’s what worked. He was a guy who was real and believable because Parma Chauhan exists in society,” the 34-year-old actor said.

Speaking about the character that he portrayed in the film, Kapoor said, “There are men like him even today who do not know how to behave themselves and who believe they are above the system and the law till life happens to them, till reality hits them.”

“He’s a man who may not be somebody who can redeem himself but he still tries his best to get by life, tries to do the right thing by doing right by Zoya, who he eventually falls in love with,” he added.

Arjun Kapoor made his Bollywood debut with Habib Faisal’s ‘Ishaqzaade’ eight years back. The film, which also starred Parineeti Chopra opposite him, went on to become a hit. (ANI)