Ankush Rdb’s new remix goes viral across countries.


The music industry is filled with many such youngsters like him, working with the aim to create magic with music.

Setting a firm foot of oneself in one’s chosen industry has never been a walk in the park for anyone across the world. People have generally had to fight tooth and nail to make their place prominent in their fields. Some have taken years to do that, while some others have done that at a very early age. It is not just because they got lucky, but because they managed to move resiliently on their path, taking one step at a time while making sure to offer uniqueness to the people they serve. Doing the same in an industry as competitive as music can make things more challenging and demanding, but a few rare gems have still navigated their way to the top, inspiring many other aspiring talents in the field. A perfect example today of one such youngster is Ankush Rdb, whose latest remix crossed massive streams and views, becoming one of the most viral songs of late 2021.

Interestingly, this new remix titled Zamana jali X Invincible feat. Bohemia X Sidhumoosewala still manages to rule the music charts with the consistent love and plaudits it receives from the audiences and music lovers. The craze has risen so high that people from across different countries have consistently made reels, TikTok videos, and content around the same, such is the momentum the song has been able to garner. The young music professional highlights that today the music industry offers many more opportunities to grow and, even amidst competition, gives people the chance to prove their mettle in the industry, which is something he loves the most about the industry.

He recalls how in December 2021, when the song ( was released, within only a month, it crossed 200K views and became viral in Pakistan on social media platforms, where people made over 10K reels alone in the country. This craze spread like wildfire even across many parts of the Middle East, Canada, Australia, and the US. This he believes has happened because people today have become more welcoming of young talents and connect easily with things that they find relatable, eventually making it trendy.

The music space needs more people like him to lead the industry to more success levels.