Amit – To speak of the elite!


Knowing the general forum followed by the people in our society, one might be astounded when coming across the diversity that the sight holds today. Sighting an example for the aforesaid we have a chase around where people tend to look upon themselves to muster the right appreciation for life!

Eliciting of such appraisals, we have Amit, who is an artist, adventuring his existence. Amit, born on 18th March, in London, today deciphers music to be the prime motive and push of his life. With a degree in Biomedical, Amit is all talk about how he appreciates his appearance from amidst the sight of the public.

With a positive insight, Amit is known for his hit creations like Diesel, Bamb Fodta, Munda Hassda, Challa and Miss Karda. Having instilled the much needed appreciation, Amit foresees the appraisal and the satisfaction evolving from the audience for his music.

Working with Fateh Doe, Afsana Khan and Samay, Amit is all in for experience. He perceives that the challenges and opportunities that bring in the required authenticity will just be the start. Being in the industry for quite some time, Amit is well versed with all the highs and lows of his profession which he is seen to be respecting with utmost diligence.

Being born and brought up in London, Amit successfully finds his way back to India for his inspiration fueling the artist within him. Staying close to the roots of his existence, Amit loves travelling and believes in experiencing life from different angles and through different sights.

With the belief of “The best you give, the best you get”, Amit uses his sportsmanship spirit and his enthusiastic adventurer’s soul within to unveil the odds and create such eye catching music that does have the power the rock one’s heart.

Following the general conundrum, Amit is anything but the stake. He is a firm believer in evaluations of the strengths and weakness, covering the laid tracks and venturing the world and its life.