Ambubachi: Intense heat fails to slow down devotees from visiting Kamakhya Devalaya


GUWAHATI: On the very first day of Ambubachi Mahayog, thousands of pilgrims from across the country walked their way to the Kamakhya Devalaya atop the Nilachal Hills. Sunday was a very hot day in Guwahati with temperature crossing over 37 degrees Celsius. Yet the intense heat during the day was not a factor as pilgrims sang and danced on their journey to the Devalaya.

The Kamakya Hills is witnessing a full festival fervor with devotional music and chanting of mantras and sounds of musical instruments. One could see Sadhus and Sanyasis in their orange robes busy with their rituals and sadhanas. Some of them smeared with ash, donning interesting headgears walking the hills or seated in an asana in faith and devotion. Pilgrims of all ages are making their move towards the Kamakhya Devalaya as a mark of respect and love for the mother goddess.

The Nilachal Hills and its surroundings have transformed into a centre of attraction as a sea of pilgrims have come drawn to the attraction of Ambubachi Mela. This year, too, it seems, despite the hot and humid weather, faith and devotion are once again going to win, with over 25 lakh pilgrims expected to visit Kamakhya Devalaya during the Ambubachi Mahayog from 22nd to 26th June.

There is a belief that during the Ambubachi Mahayog all the devis and devatas arrive at the Kamakhya Devalaya and so those pilgrims who are present during this period may get their wishes fulfilled. This is considered to be one of the main reasons for the huge number of pilgrims visiting the Kamakhya Devalaya year after year.