Almmox, An Ace Musical Artist


The music industry is one space that has consistently welcomed new talented beings. One such name that has been buzzing high in the industry right now is Almmox, a man who believed in his visions in music and stepped a firm foot into it to emerge as one of the finest musical artists and singers.

Almmox’s growing followers and fans across social media and streams across music platforms are proof of its meteoric rise in the industry. Wondering who is behind Almmox? Well, this young musical talent has been taking over the industry in India and has already become a well-known singer in the country. However, what has caught more people’s attention and eyeballs is his persistence and his consistent efforts to create magic in music with his mesmerising vocals. The proof is his latest album titled “Lujo”, which has connected well with music lovers and listeners. The word Lujo is a Spanish word which means luxury.

What started as a side hobby 5 years ago, is now making blockbuster hits one after another. Almmox makes a perfect content strategy, writing creativity and enhanced images with a blend of all this together in his music.

Almmox is currently working on many exciting projects and songs which are in a due release soon. Even listeners across the world have been eagerly waiting for this. We are certain of the fact that Almmox will keep pushing boundaries and further rise high in the music realm.
Do listen to his mega-hits on Spotify, Apple Music and check out for his upcoming projects on Instagram