Airstrikes kill 11 Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan’s Kandahar province


Afghanistan: At least 11 Taliban terrorists have been killed in the Shorabak district of the southeastern Afghan province of Kandahar after a series of airstrikes targeted militant strongholds, the Afghan National Army’s 205th Corps said in a statement on Tuesday.

“Last night, the foreign air force attacked the centers of militants in Shorawak district in which 11 militants were killed,” the statement read.

According to a Sputnik correspondent, the Taliban have yet to comment on the latest strike.

On Monday, the Afghan Defense Ministry announced that military operations in the central provinces of Ghazni and Ghor resulted in the deaths of at least 43 Taliban terrorists and the arrest of seven others.

The Taliban had announced on the same day that rumours of a ceasefire were unfounded and that the militant group would continue its fight.

The Afghan government has struggled to contain the Taliban movement for almost two decades. The conflict-stricken country continues to serve as a breeding ground for various insurgent and militant groups affiliated with al-Qaeda and the Islamic State terrorist organisations. (ANI)