Airports in North-east India operating, expanding at full strength amid Covid-19 pandemic


Guwahati: India’s northeast region has been experiencing a tourism boom in recent times. And a rapidly expanding network of airports has been the most significant contributor.

Airports Authority of India, the largest airport operator has been tirelessly striving to establish a robust, futuristic airport infrastructure in North East India that can meet the need of the projected influx of passengers in coming years.
Major airports in the region are receiving a facelift to offer world-class facilities. Equipped with the latest technology, the new terminal buildings are an integral component of the expansion programme. Travelers’ concern is the top priority. It is not just the infrastructure, but AAI has been ensuring a seamless journey, even during the pandemic.

The Covid-19, which turned things upside down for people across the world, is being methodically managed at these airports. A holistic, preventive approach has been adopted to keep the virus at bay.

Thorough screening, safety kits, frequent sanitization are part of the standard operating procedures being followed inside the airport premises.
Airports in NE Region have been able to successfully win the trust of the passengers. Amid pandemic, on an average 180-190 flights are operational in the Northeast region with a passenger footfall of 18-20 thousand every day. With a consistent double-digit growth rate in the passenger volume, the Indian aviation industry is gearing up to become the third-largest industry in the world.

Its vigorous expansion and operation are poised to take it far and above. A surge in the number of operational flights from the northeast is its immediate plan of action. AAI believes in homogenous development of airports across all parts of India which is the key to the comprehensive growth of the industry. And Airports in the vast region of north-eastern India could just be the beginning towards that goal. ANI