AIIMS To Resume Its OPD Services From 25 June Onwards


New Delhi: The administration of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has decided to restart its OPD (Out-Patient Services) from 25 June onwards after three months of its closure in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic.

In the first phase, the OPD services will be for only for follow-up patients not more than 15 patients a day for every department.

“After multiple meetings with all HODs, we have decided to start OPD facilities from June 25 onwards. In the beginning, the OPD services will be for follow-up patients not exceeding 15 patients per day for each division,” a senior official at AIIMS told ANI.

“Doctors can give OPD appointment directly through the department or through the computer-based facility. But, doctors those who will give appointment through the department will have to update it to the computer facility and faculty-in-charge of the OPD 48 hours before,” official added.

The official said that all department heads have been directed to give information on the date of resumption of physical OPD for patients of the department concerned, a daily list of patients with their contact details who have been given an appointment for a physical consultation.

According to the circular issued to all departments on Tuesday, “AIIMS to restart physical OPD services from June 25. It is informed that the Director AIIMS has approved the resumption of physical appointments for old/follow up patients, not to exceed 15 per day for any department initially which will be enhanced in a few days.”

“In addition, requisite appointments for a limited number of new patients will also be given for those departments who wish to start physical OPD consultation for a limited number of new patients,” it read, a copy of which is with ANI.

However, no appointments will be given for evening speciality clinics in the first phase of OPD reopening, it said.

“It will be the prerogative of the departments to call patients directly or screen them through teleconsultation before giving a physical appointment,” the circular said.

Also, the AIIMS authorities have given strict directions to wear face masks for all patients till the time they are in hospital. All patients coming to AIIMS OPD, emergency, in-patient wards or visiting any other patient care areas have to wear face masks (cloth mask/surgical mask).

The death toll due to COVID-19 rose to 14011 and the number of cases climbed to 440215 on Tuesday, according to the Union Health Ministry. (ANI)