Ahmedabad: Donald Trump to be welcomed with Bihu


GUWAHATI/AHMEDABAD: The Assamese people living in Ahmedabad are all set to welcome American president Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump on February 24.

Assam Cultural Association Ahmedabad has been invited to the road show to greet the American president and the first lady. The members of the Assam Cultural Association will perform Bihu dances during the road show.

The artistes will be provided with a stage near Sabarmati Ashram for their performance.

The road show of Trump will cover will cover a distance of 22 kms from the airport to Motera stadium.

In the meantime, the Assam Cultural Association Ahmedabad has printed a banner to welcome President Trump and the first lady Melania Trump.

“We are very happy that Trump is visiting India and as a member of the Assam Cultural Association, I am proud to represent Assam and be a part of this historical moment. We also appeal to the government to provide us with an Assam Bhawan here so we can be more active in this part of the region too,” said one of the members of Assam Cultural Association Ahmedabad.

All the Assamese women of the group are decked up in traditional Mekhela Chador and ready to perform Bihu in the road show.

Another member of the organization said, “Tomorrow morning the members of the association will be ready with our traditional costumes to welcome President Trump and showcase our heritage and rich culture of Assam.”