Aditya Singh Bhadoria’s meteoric rise to fame in 2021 and beyond


Life happens when we are busy looking the other way. This is something we have all experienced at different points in our life. Sometimes, it gifts us with new opportunities; at other times, it brings new challenges. All in all, it seems to be a path that life, in general, has in common for everyone. For model and actor Aditya Singh Bhadoria, life took a new turn when he thought it had been carved out for him by others. Today, he’s a successful actor and well on his way to enter the high-rising gates of Bollywood. Let’s uncover what plans this up-and-coming star has up his sleeve in 2021 and beyond.

2018 was a red-letter year in Aditya Singh Bhadoria’s life. It was the year he was crowned Rubaru Mr. India, something that was merely a dream in his mind’s remotest corner as a young lad. He never thought he’d actually find success as anything other than a government official working a 9-to-5, persevering through boredom and monotony. But life had different plans for him, and all he needed to do was follow along. Cut to the year 2021, and Aditya has come to a place that’s no longer a dream but a stepping stone to another massive milestone.

After winning the Mr. India title in 2018, Aditya Singh Bhadoria was clear about one thing. “I had set my eyes on Bollywood, just like many other successful models had done in the past. I felt like I belonged there long before I even started. It felt as if I was made for it,” he says. Aditya’s passion saw him through, and today, he is creating waves in the industry as the male lead of the hit music video Dil Main Basaya.

Talking about his plans for the future, Aditya says, “I had a great run in 2021. And I hope to scale greater heights in 2022. I hope to find work that will help me expand my creative limits and hone my craft and give me the chance to work with every actor and actress I have ever looked up to. I am working very hard to promote my music videos and making sure that I use my spare time to improve my acting skills. All this keeps me busy, but I’m not complaining. This is exactly how I always wanted to spend my life—working, learning, entertaining, and succeeding.”