Activism in America against systemic racism a lesson for everyone: Sangakkara


New Delhi : Former Sri Lanka skipper Kumar Sangakkara on Tuesday said that the activism happening in America right now against systemic racism is a lesson for everyone worldwide and added that a state cannot determine the sensibilities of any citizen.

His remark comes as ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests are taking place throughout the US after an African-American man — George Floyd — passed away after having a knee pressed into his neck by a police officer identified as Derek Chauvin.
“The activism in America against systemic racism and injustice is a powerful lesson to us all. Whichever country we live in, be it America, Sri Lanka, or another, it is not the State that should determine our sensibilities and sensitivities. That’s your choice and mine,” Sangakkara tweeted.

In a series of tweets, Sangakkara said that the state can never determine the wisdom and compassion of any citizen and he also said that the citizens should choose their representatives more carefully.

“The state should not determine our wisdom, compassion, empathy and understanding. It should not and cannot limit the openness of our hearts and minds to others nor our ability to embrace and value difference and differences,” Sangakkara tweeted.

“We the people choose ourselves. We also choose our representatives from our own. We are responsible for the character traits they bring to the government. We are responsible for the people they are or have become. Their nature has been set by our influence and nurture,” he said further.

The 42-year-old said that normal citizens can go on to achieve remarkable things if they come together and act towards it.

“We the people, the ordinary citizen, can together achieve extraordinary change for the better, to set in place a world culture of openness, respect, and understanding. A world culture that has no place for ignorance and prejudice and where true freedom reigns,” Sangakkara said.

Ever since the demise of Floyd, protests erupted from demonstrations in cities from San Francisco to Boston.
The officer who pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck has been charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. He and three other officers have been fired from the force as well after the video of Floyd’s death emerged.

Earlier, an over 200-year-old historic St John’s church near White House was vandalised and set on fire as protests over the death of Floyd escalated into rioting and multiple fires were seen in Washington and other US cities. (ANI)