8th North East choral competition held in New Delhi


New Delhi (India): Tangkhul Christian Charitable Trust (TCCT), a non-profit body for less-privileged masses, recently organised the 8th North East India Choral Competition under the theme ‘Togetherness’ at Thyagaraj Stadium in New Delhi.

Reading Shimray, Chairman of TCCT on giving a brief about the event which marked the participation of 30 choirs said, “This is the 8th edition of the event.

Ever since its inception in the year 2012, God’s abundance blessings have been with us. The main purpose of this choral competition is to bring unity and we TCCT believe that it is a befitting platform to have ea fellowship together,” said Shimray.

The event saw some of the renowned international musicians as judges for the competition. The song competition was judged on the basis of intonation, tone, diction, expression, balance, and stage presentation.

The eight choir groups that took part this year were- Tangkhul Church Delhi, Khoibu Baptist Emmanuel Fellowship, Poumai Baptist Church Delhi, Maram Thangal Fellowship Delhi, Tangkhul Church DelhiGurgaon, Community Church Delhi, Kuki Christian Fellowship, Gurgaon and Independent Church of India.

According to Rev. Dr Praveen Paul, Principal, Union Biblical Seminary, events like these not just promote togetherness amongst the northeast communities in Delhi and NCR but provide opportunities for the young generation to showcase their talent as well.,

“We know that there is a diversity of tribes and cultures in the northeast and this kind of program gives an opportunity to the young people of the region to know each other, mingle and co-ordinate as music is all about symphony, melody, and harmony. This kind of program brings the community a unity,” opined Paul.

At last, the Poumai Baptist Church Delhi (PBCD) bagged the first prize whereas, Tangkhul Church Delhi (TCD), Community Church Delhi (CCD) bagged the second and third prize respectively. (ANI)