8000 posts of teachers abolished by Govt were non-functional, had been regularized: Ranoj Pegu


Assam Education Minister Ranoj Pegu on Wednesday said posts of 8000 teachers which have been abolished were not functional posts and had been regularized at various points in time.

While addressing a press conference at Sarba Siksha Abhiyan Mission in Guwahati Pegu said, “The 8000 posts of teachers which have been abolished were contractual posts that were regularized and that they were not functional and hence had to be abolished to maintain financial integrity.”

Pegu further said there is no requirement for additional posts of teachers in the State since the teacher-student ratio is more or less at par acceptable standard,

“There is no necessity for additional teachers in the state. There are 2,21,047 teachers in the state against 49 lakh students,” said Pegu.

“There are enough teachers against students in the schools and at present there are 4000 vacant posts of teachers in schools which will be filled up soon and that more posts will be created in future if the need arrises,” he added.

He further stated that the government has been successful in improving infrastructure of schools. “The schools have shown good results and drop out percentage in higher education has reduced,” the minister said.

He also announced that the TET examination will be conducted again. He also claimed that the state’s education system has improved compared to previous years.