68 pc males, 32 pc females died due to COVID-19: Health Ministry


New Delhi: The Union Health Ministry on Tuesday said that of the people who died due to coronavirus in the country, 68 per cent are males and 32 per cent are females.

Addressing a press conference on COVID-19 update in India, Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan gave mortality analysis for COVID-19–gender and age-wise respectively.

“These are cumulative figures. If you see the mortality analysis i.e. the deaths caused by the coronavirus, you will find that 68 per cent deaths are reported among male patients. And 32 per cent of deaths are among female patients. This is broadly in line with the global scenario also, although the percentages may differ,” he said.

“If you look at age-wise mortality analysis, 50 per cent of deaths were reported in patients above 60 years and above; 37 per cent deaths were seen in among patients with the age group of 45 to 60 years. This means that on one side — we have to save lives of our senior citizens, they should not go out unnecessary – and, on the other hand, we have to see that people between 45 to 60 years age group are also vulnerable too. Most importantly, those who are co-morbid should follow guidelines and everyone should wear mask, maintain doo-gaj-ki duri and hand hygiene,” Bhushan said.

According to the health ministry, about 11 per cent mortality was seen in patients with 26 to 44 years of age. Only one per cent fatality was observed in patients in the age group between 18 to 25 years and below 17 years of age.

Dr Raman Kumar, President of the Academy of Family Physicians of India said the higher mortality rate in men with COVID can be explained by two reasons – firstly men already have a higher incidence of co-morbid conditions and, secondly, studies have shown that the immune system of women elicits a more active response than men. (ANI)