6 SDPI supporters arrested for attacking BJP-RSS supporter following pro-CAA rally in Bengaluru


Bengaluru (Karnataka): Six SDPI (Social Democratic Party of India) supporters were on Friday arrested in connection with the attack on a BJP-RSS supporter following a pro-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) rally on 22nd December last year, said Bengaluru Commissioner of Police.

A case has been registered under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Bengaluru Police is constituting a new Special Investigation Team (SIT) to handle this case.

“There were 6 people belonging to SDPI, who were here to carry out attacks on leaders supporting CAA. These people were being paid Rs 10,000 from their handlers to create ruckus here. Now this will be handled by the Anti-Terror unit,” said Bhaskar Rao, Bengaluru Commissioner of Police.

These six people do not have any contact with the Muslim community leaders. They were told to create panic in Bengaluru, he added.

” We have proper CCTV cameras and people are supporting us. We will not allow any terror module to be operative in Bengaluru. These people who attacked BJP-RSS supporter used helmets and phones,” said Rao.

“All these people are in custody. We won’t leave anybody who supported these people. Where ever they are we will catch them. They wanted to kill a Hindu leader, their target was Hindu activist…mainly leader, seven stones were pelted in Bengaluru on the day of pro CAA protest,” he added. (ANI)