Weird luxury sneakers trigger Instagram fashionistas


WASHINGTON DC: Maison Margiela, a high-society fashion house from France, has launched a pair of sneakers that are intentionally designed to look as if they are covered in strands of hot candle wax.

According to Fox News, the shoes which are priced well above 1,100 dollars, are available for sale on websites such as Coggles and Matches fashion.

They are also being touted as a must-have for luxury footwear enthusiasts.

The Matches Fashion e-commerce website describes sneakers as follows: “They’re crafted in Italy from leather and mesh and feature carbon-fibre-effect details, glue drips and purposeful loose threads to further accentuate the design.”

A picture of the trainers was posted on ‘theshaderoom’ Instagram page which attracted a bunch of funny comments by users mocking its strange design.

One user came up with their unique way of creating something on similar lines and commented: “Let me just pour some candle wax on some sketchers.”

Another jokingly pointed out that “making these knockoffs is going to be super easy.”

An enlightened individual hit the nail right on the head by commenting that people would buy almost anything, however ridiculous it might be, if it is made by some luxury designer such as Maison Margiela. (ANI)