21 centres set up for counting of votes on Feb 11: Delhi CEO


New Delhi: Twenty one centres for counting of votes on February 11 have been set up in the city-state, Delhi’s Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Ranbir Singh said on Sunday.

“We have set up 21 centres for counting of votes, wherein there will be a dedicated hall for every constituency. The counting will start at 8 am on February 11,” Singh told ANI on Sunday.

Singh also said that delay in the declaration of final poll percentage had occurred due to the Returning Officers (ROs) being busy in doing the scrutiny among other things.

“The voter turnout data is submitted by ROs who were busy throughout the night. The strong rooms were sealed in the early morning. Then they became busy in scrutiny. It has taken a little bit of time but in data entry, it is very important to ensure accuracy,” Singh said.

Refuting the allegations of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leaders that electronic voting machines (EVMs) were being moved in an “unauthorised manner” after the polls, Singh said: “We have conducted a detailed investigation in the presence of an observer and candidates of all parties.”

“The machines were found to be reserve, unused which were being taken back after the polls by the sector officer. They were investigated and no discrepancy was found in them,” he said.

The Delhi assembly elections concluded on Saturday evening. The exit polls have predicted the AAP will win a two-thirds majority with some giving it a three-fourth majority in the 70-member assembly. (ANI)