121 couples tie the knot in Siliguri mass marriage ceremony


Siliguri (West-Bengal), Dec 6 (ANI): A voluntary organization here helped 121 couples of the Adivasi origin get married on Friday.

These couples from around the Terai-Doars region of the North Bengal were either known to each other or are unable to get married due to poverty.

The main objective behind such programmes is to bring forward the backward people of the society who have been out of the social customs out of sheer poverty.
The couples, on the other hand, felt that this was good as they got together at the cost of no money.

They took the oath of making their life more beautiful from this very stage. One of the most beautiful sights to look at is when 121 couples got together under a single roof to get married to each other.

The event took place at Munni tea garden, which is 35km from Siliguri and comes under the Darjeeling district.

Being working in the tea gardens and coming out of the remotest part of the region, these people suffer from intense poverty and do not have the capacity to come up with any kind of social functions like the marriage.

To help out these people to get socially accepted as married people, the Hari Satsang Samity, a voluntary organization of Siliguri, works for the Adivasi samaj to help support the socially backward people in the region. (ANI)