12000 entered Assam since 4 May, 18 tested COVID-19 positive


Guwahati: After the lockdown relaxation and Coronavirus scare, around 12000 people have entered Assam from May 4, stated Assam Health Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma said on Thursday.

Addressing a press meet in Guwahati Dr. Sarma said that around that 4,060 people entered the state via Srirampur and 630 via Boxirhat. Further, 6,412 people entered from other northeastern states which are basically Green Zones.

Dr. Sarma stated that out of these 12000 people coming from outside the state 18 people have been detected as COVID-19 positive patients.

Out of the 18 COVID-19 positive cases 10 people have returned to Silchar from Ajmer Sharif, 7 from Mumbai and 1 from West Bengal.   

All these persons have been thoroughly examined out of which 18 tested positive. People who tested negative were sent to home quarantine. Further, till now 1,982 people have been discharged from camp for home quarantine, out of 4,690 coming from other states.

People who have acquired the paid quarantine will only be allowed to go home after 18 days of isolation.

Dr. Sarma also urged people in quarantine to stop complaining about the food quality as the state is dealing with a pandemic and the government is trying its best to provide everyone with adequate treatment and food.

The minister also added that 43 people who came from Ajmer Sharif, 10 people were tested positive for COVID-19 and the rest 33 people tested negative.

Meanwhile, 2 doctors and 1 patient from GMCH tested positive for COVID-19.  Around 2000 medical staffs swabs were sent to Delhi.

On Friday evening, Dr. Sarma tweeted that all the swab results of the medical staffs has been tested negative and GMCH will soon be freed from Containment zone.

 However, Dr. Sarma also announced that from now, on all the swab test results will be sent directly though mobile phones.