100 Taliban terrorists killed, Afghan forces recapture Wardoj


Wardoj (Badakhshan) (Afganistan): Afghan forces recaptured the Wardoj district in north-eastern Badakhshan. Nearly 100 Taliban terrorists were killed in the clashes.

The Ministry of Defence, said in a statement, that the security forces launched a major offensive and recaptured the district earlier today, Khaama News Agency reported.

The slain militants include the shadow governor of the Taliban, Qari Fasiuddin and many foreigner fighters, the statement further added.

Additionally, the Ministry of Defence said the security forces also killed Qari Hafiz, the shadow military chief of Taliban from Badakhshan.

The defence ministry added that the security forces also injured scores of Taliban militants during the large scale operation.

Meanwhile, the ministry said the security forces did not suffer casualties during the operation. (ANI)