YouTube is testing new ‘Clipping Tool’ feature


New Delhi: American online video-sharing platform YouTube is rolling out a new experimental feature for a small set of creators that allows users to capture and share moments from videos and live streams.

According to Mashable, an experimental clipping tool will be visible on channels where the test is live. Users can then click on that tool and choose a five-second to sixty-second segment from their videos and streams.

They can even adjust the length of the clip within the set limits by dragging the slider. After creating a clip, a title can be added and shared across various platforms via a new URL, embed code, text, or email.

The resulting clip doesn’t lead to a new video, but can only be played on the original video in a repeating loop.

This means that the clip will be deleted when the original content is removed. As per Mashable, this experimental feature is seen as YouTube’s take on a similar capability on live streaming service Twitch.

For now, it’s available on desktop and Android, with an iOS release scheduled soon.