Youth on mission ‘Plastic-Free Brahmaputra’ to travel on boat made of recycled water bottles


Guwahati: Dhiraj Bikas Gogoi of Dibrugarh has built a special boat with recycled water bottles.

Gogoi is all set for an adventurous journey from Bogibeel to Majuli with the theme of ‘Plastic Free Brahmaputra’ and ‘River Tourism’. The young man used 1600 one litre and around 400 half litre used plastic drinking water bottles to build this boat in three months.

Every year, people come to Bogibeel for picnics, dump drinking water bottles and plastic packets, and pollute the entire area. Recently, a German tourist expressed great sorrow over the dumping of water bottles and plastic packets in the river. Keeping in mind the plastic pollution that river Brahmaputra has to face because of these picnics Dhiraj has decided to create awareness of a Brahmaputra river that is free from plastic waste.

Gogoi collected around 2,000 water bottles from the picnic spot in Bogibeel and made a plastic boat measuring 11 foot long and about 4 foot wide at a cost of 300 rupees.

The 45 kg boat has a carrying capacity of six people but only two people will be part of the awareness journey with Dhiraj.

The construction of the boat using plastic bottles can be termed as a very useful step.  It is a creative initiative of the youth and proper disposal of plastic materials. This reuse of plastic bottles is definitely expected to encourage everyone to use plastic in a positive way.

Dhiraj said that he will again travel with his message to Majuli once the COVID situation improves. Six passengers will accompany him in that mission during the heavy rainy season.