Xahid Khan’s Assamese short film ‘The Evening Gush’ premieres at paus Premieres Festival


GUWAHATI: Assam filmmaker Xahid Khan’s Assamese short ‘The Evening Gush’ was premiered at the paus Premieres Festival  2021 on Tuesday.

The film was live for 24 hours in the Paus TV Application for the viewers.

Speaking to Newslive, Xahid said, “The ‘Suspense Drama’ short film– The Evening Gush is 7.23 minutes long. Our film was selected for the premiere after going through a selection process, where filmmakers from all over the globe submitted their films.”


Madhuhmita Kashyap (Jureen Mahanta) and Nilakshi Thakuria ( Nilakshi Kalita) are two young working women sharing a flat in Guwahati city. Madhusmita reached the flat early and calls Nialkshi asking her to bring the eggs and bread for the breakfast. Nilakshi comes with eggs and bread and she grumbles about the job and how her mother is sick. Madhusmita asked Nilakshi to have a bath meanwhile she went to the kitchen to make tea for both. Madhusmita’s phone rings from Nilakshi’s phone, and a male says that Nilakshi met with an accident. Hearing the man Madhusmita freaks out and is puzzled as Nilakshi is with her.

The film cast includes Actor Jureen Mahanta as Madhusmita Kashyap, Actor Nilakshi Kalita as Nilakshi Thakuria and Rakesh Bharali.

Other peoples associated with the film are- Cinematography- Prit Baruah, Makeup- Patiyashi Bordoloi, Asst. Director and Lights- Hiru Borgohain, Still- Rakesh Bharali, Production Controller- Shahnawaz Aamir, Editing, Colour and Dubbing- Jitu Ray, Background Score- Bhaskar Medhi, Sound design and mixing- Jyoti Chetia, Theme Music- Rupantor Pujari.

The film is produced by Sanjana Khan and Directed by Xahid Khan(Zero).

Notably, Nyega Aan, Mistake, Alert Condition: Red are few short films by Xahid Khan.
Khan’s films have received recognition at different regional, national and international platforms.

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