Women on cycling expedition from Wagah border to Arunachal to promote pollution free environment


Amritsar: With an aim to convey a message of pollution-free environment and women empowerment in the society, two women from Bihar and Uttarakhand have started a cycling expedition from the Wagah border to Arunachal Pradesh.

“Our motive is to spread the message of women empowerment. We will go till Arunachal. The Uttarakhand government is supporting us,” says one of the two women, Suruti Rawat.

“I am from Uttarkashi district. We are starting a trans-Himalaya cycling expedition with an aim of spreading awareness regarding women empowerment and clean Himalaya. This expedition will commence in Arunachal Pradesh. We will communicate with different people during our journey,” she added.

The expedition will culminate in Uttarakhand, which is around 5,000 kilometers from the Wagah border. Their journey will pass from eight states of the country.

Director General (DIG), BSF, Bhupinder Singh flagged off the cycling expedition from the Attari-Wagah border yesterday.

Another woman, Sawita Mahtav said, “I am from Bihar and our main motive is to keep mother earth clean and pollution-free. Another prime motto is to promote women empowerment, we will visit schools and colleges to inform women and girls about their rights. Our focus is to empower the young generation.” (ANI)