‘Women not a factory of childbirth’: Assam CM slams Ajmal for his controversial remarks


Guwahati: Addressing a gathering in Bongaigaon, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma lambasted AIUDF supremo Badruddin Ajmal for his sexist remarks.

Taking a swipe at Ajmal, Sarma quipped that the former should nurture the children and pay for their expenses if he wants women to give birth to as many children as possible. Appealing to Muslims not to adhere to the Lok Sabha MP’s advice, the BJP leader asserted that a woman is not a “factory” for childbirth. The Assam CM also accused Ajmal of indulging in vote bank politics. 

“Badruddin Ajmal had said that women should continue to give birth to as many children as possible, but I say that if women give birth to more children, then Ajmal should nurture the children till they grow up and pay for their expenses,” said the Assam CM.

“I want to tell my Muslim sisters that don’t listen to Badruddin Ajmal and do not give birth to more than two children,” CM Himanta Sarma added.He further stressed, “If a woman gives birth to many children, it will affect her physically, it will also affect our society and Assam will be destroyed….A woman is not a factory for childbirth.”

Speaking to the media on December 2, Badruddin Ajmal urged Hindus to emulate the alleged practice among Muslims to marry off girls at the age of 18-20. The AIUDF chief said, “They keep 1,2,3 illegal wives till the age of 40. They don’t have babies. They save expenses on that and have fun. After turning 40, they get married after being pressurised by their parents. How can you have babies after the age of 40? When you pour medicine on fertile land, then you will get rice”.

He added, “They should also adopt the formula of Muslims. Get your children married at the age of 20-22. Get your daughters married at the age of 18-20. Then see how many children are born”. After facing the opposition’s ire, he expressed regret for his remarks a day later. Highlighting the importance of every individual’s contribution to the development of the country, he called upon everyone to come together and work for women’s empowerment.