Elderly woman injured in police firing at Dergaon


GUWAHATI: An elderly woman was injured in police firing in the Dergaon area of Golaghat district on Wednesday night. Identified as Bibi Das, the woman is a resident of Koibotra village of Kakodunga area.

According to reports, a team of police from Sumoni Police Station went to her residence in search of a suspect and fired at the woman. The police team left the woman injured.

The police team allegedly vandalized Bibi’s house and also beat her before shooting at her. Local people alleged that there was no female police constable in the team.
The Police team tortured other women who came out to help Bibi Das, alleged villagers.

“The Policemen were drunk and when I asked them what is going on, they told me that they will beat me too. We saw them vandalising her properties, beating her. Suddenly we heard a loud sound and the policemen ran from the spot. They were calling someone in Dergaon Police Station and were shouting they are attacking us, we need help. But in reality, nothing like that happened. The old woman ran to our doorstep, she was shot twice on her back,” said a local resident.

The woman is in serious condition and currently undergoing treatment at a local hospital.