Wild boar attacks and injures 6 people in Numaligarh


GUWAHATI: After the recent entry of a wild elephant in civilian area and the NRL campus, it is now a wild boar that managed to create panic and fear among the residents of Numaligarh, Assam.

Six persons have been reported injured after a wild boar attacked them. One of the injured is in critical condition. The incident occurred in Leteku Sapori of Numaligarh in Golaghat district.

The injured have been identified as Karim Ali, Kamir Ali, Sabjan Begum, Bhaiti Kurmi and Gokul Gogoi. They are receiving treatment at Golaghat Civil Hospital.

According to eyewitnesses the wild boar was of huge size and was on full rampage, leaving the local population helpless.

“Six persons have been injured and were taken to the hospital. We have been living under the fear of this boar. Have informed the beat office several times but not much was done. They kept on saying that it would be riskier trying to capture the wild boar at night,” said a local resident.

On the other hand, the wild boar also got injured when locals tried to stop it. Later, the forest department rescued the injured wild boar from a drain. The wild boar was taken away for treatment to the Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation (CWRC) located at Borjuri village adjacent to the Panbari Reserve Forest near Kaziranga National Park.