What is a property card? Details here


GUWAHATI: Prime minister Narendra Modi on Sunday launched the distribution of property cards under the Survey of Villages And Mapping With Improvised Technology In Village Areas (SVAMITVA) scheme.

The launch will enable around 1 lakh property holders to download their property cards through a SMS link. Following that, the respective state governments will initiate physical distribution of the cards.

Each card will get a unique identity number similar to the Aadhaar card. This is the first time ever that such a large-scale exercise involving the most modern means of technology is being carried out to benefit millions of rural property owners.

These Aadhaar-like property cards are physical copies of property titles of the villagers’ homes and the surrounding areas they own (as opposed to the cultivated land).

It will help the villagers to use the property as a financial asset for loans and other financial benefits.