WGMI Studios emerges as the most powerful platforms offering genesis holders spectacular services.


It emerges as a one of its kind NFT media hub, broadcasting the most effective news around the space.

The NFT space has emerged as one of the hottest and fastest growing industries we have ever come across. As the popularity of this market increases, so does its complexities. So, staying tuned with the latest updates and getting hold of the key news and trends becomes all the more difficult. WGMI Studios comes into picture in such situations, providing its vast services which hover around the NFT sphere. Genesis holders get hold of all the NFT analysis, insights and research tools that are required to survive and thrive in the ever evolving Web 3.0 environment.

There are a host of services which genesis holders can avail of which include The WGMI Podcast, that has three of the NFT industry’s leading experts like BentoboiNFT, Kosherplug and Thebrettway leverage their expertise and network to share their knowledge about the NFT space including upcoming projects, key industry trends, and also conduct insightful interviews with NFT experts and crypto moguls. It’s posts act as an all-in-one NFT media outlet which covers current events and in-depth market analysis that keeps the genesis holders up-to-date with the industry’s happenings. Apart from that, genesis holders are the first ones to know about the hottest NFT projects that are going to step into the space.

The WGMI newsletter provides all the information that can equip people to become NFT experts. Its biweekly newsletters cover detailed reports of market events along with insightful data charts, details of upcoming projects and much more. Furthermore, its exclusive AMA gives access to elaborate Q&A sessions with BentoboiNFT, Kosherplug and Thebrettway, allowing genesis holders to gain major insights about the field. The platform also broadcasts news which play an important part in identifying the right risks and opportunities for investors. Regular livestreams that cover all significant topics allow genesis holders to stay in pace with the ever evolving market.