Weekly Zodiac astrological predictions: 1st October to 7th Oct


Aries :

You need to control your mind. Avoid argument and should avoid any kind of investment. Take care of your mother. Profession will be stable. Luck factor is extremely good. Students take care of your studies. Lovers should maintain good relation.
Remedy : wear a pearl mala.
Diety : hanuman ji.
Good colour : Red
Good number : 1,8
Best Direction : East
Good days : tuesday, Thursday, sunday .

Taurus :

A great week for you. You will enjoy everything in this week. Only thing is to cool your mind. Short journey may happen. You will get support from your siblings. New ideas will provoke you. Home environment is good. Your stomach will be upset. Lovers should not get angry.
Remedy : Chant Ganesh mantra.
Diety : Sree Ganesh Ji
Good colour : white
Good number : 2,7
Good direction : south, west
Good days : Friday, Wednesday, saturday.

Gemini :

Very good week to acquire wealth. Family life will be fantastic. Your speech will help you to earn money. You may go for a trip. Avoid argument with friends. Couples should avoid doubts between them. Lovers be calm and cool.
Remedy : Chant shiv mantra.
Deity : Shiva
Good colour : Yellow
Good number : 3,6
Good direction : west
Good days : tuesday, Thursday and saturday .

Cancer :

Professional people will get good result if you can control your mind and speech. Ultimate time to achieve success name and fame depending on your mood. Avoid argument with father. Only your patience can give you good result. Lovers be careful about relationship.
Remedy : Chant Hanuman Chalisa.
Deity : Hanuman Ji
Good colour : Milky
Good number : 4
Good direction : East, South
Good days : Monday, Tuesday and Thursday


God giving you a chance to earn as much as you can this week. Pending works will be done. Businessman will be very fortunate. Start new projects. Control your speech. Your siblings will get little problem. Couples should maintain harmony in relation.
Remedy : Chant om bhaskaraye namah.
Deity : sree vishnu ji
Good colour : golden
Good number : 5
Good direction: East
Good days : Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday .

Virgo :

Health will give you little trouble. Keep your mind cool. Give any kind of donation. Avoid doubts in relation. Throat problem is seen. Avoid any kind of speculation. Don’t take any new project. Lovers take care.
Remedy : Chant Maa kali mantra.
Deity : Maa Kali
Good colours : Green
Good number : 3, 8
Good direction: South
Good days : Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.


Your mind will be puzzle this week. Don’t be lazy, wake up early morning. New opportunities are waiting. Avoid doubts and go on. Avoid monetary involvements. Pending jobs will be done. Couples can enjoy.
Remedy : Chant mahalakshmi mantra.
Deity : Sree Mahalakshmi mata ji
Good colour : white
Good number: 2, 7
Good direction: West
Good days : Friday, saturday and Wednesday.

Scorpio :

You can make history if you can control you relationship and mind. You may visit temple . Take care of monetary dealings. Property related issues may get stuck. Lovers and couples should stay silent.
Remedy : Chant Hanuman Chalisa
Deity : Sree Hanuman ji
Good colour : Red
Good number : 1, 8
Good direction : East, North
Good days : Tuesday, Thursday and sunday.

Sagittarius :

Jupiter people should be very careful in any dealings related to money. Health will disturb you. Avoid junk food. Your spouse will be lucky for you. Your luck will support you a lot. You can earn money by the grace of your guru. Take blessings of your father. Lovers should have patience.
Remedy : Donate foods.
Deity : Sree vishnu ji
Good colour : yellow
Good number : 9 , 12
Good direction: East
Good days : Thursday and Sunday.


No one can beat you, you can earn good money this week. Only take care of your health. Avoid argument with friends. Avoid partnership. Change in Profession is seen. Luck will give you support. Lovers can enjoy.
Remedy : Donate curd ( Dahi)
Deity : Shiv ji
Good colour : Cyan
Good number : 10, 11
Good direction: South
Good days : Saturday, Wednesday and Friday.

Aquarius :

Your time will be good. Be careful in monetary dealings. Your siblings are in trouble. Be calm and cool. Eyes will disturb you a little. New projects will knock your door. You will be fortunate if you can control your speech. Take care of your father. Love life is good.
Remedy : Chant mantra for Ketu.
Deity : Shiv ji, rudra
Good colour : Cyan
Good number : 10 , 11
Good direction : west
Good days : Wednesday, Friday and saturday.

Pisces :

Your ideas will give you good result. Take care of your health and mind. Expected mothers should be careful. Any Kind of disturbance may happen in business. Visit spiritual places for blessings. Couples should maintain discipline.
Remedy : Chant om ketave namah.
Deity : Sri vishnu ji
Good colour : yellow
Good number: 9 , 12
Good direction : North
Good days : Thursday, Monday and Tuesday.

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