Vladimir Putin praises India, calls Indians  “talented” and “driven”


Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday heaped praise on Indians, calling them “talented” and “driven” and stating that India has great potential and will undoubtedly produce remarkable development, according to a Reuters translation of Putin’s speech Friday.

Marking the occasion of Russia’s Unity Day on November 4, Putin praised India as having great potential.

The Russian President said that with almost 1.5 billion people, India has huge potential. There is no doubt that India will achieve remarkable result in terms of its development, according to Putin’s translated speech originally delivered in Russian.

Putin discussed colonialism in Africa, India’s potential, and the “unique civilisation and culture” of his country.

Last month, Putin had highlighted that since Narendra Modi took office as India’s prime minister, that country has had tremendous growth.

The Russian President spoke about how much India has developed since it was a British colony and became a modern state.

His comments come after India abstained its vote on a UN resolution condemning Russia’s takeover of four Ukrainian regions—Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia.