Video: Afghan MP Narinder Singh, among those evacuated from Kabul, breaks down


Afghanistan Member of Parliament Narinder Singh Khalsa broke down while speaking to the Indian press after arriving from Kabul on an Indian Air Force evacuation flight on Sunday morning.

When asked how he felt about leaving his country as an MP, Singh, fighting back tears, said, “This is what is making me cry.”

India evacuated 168 people from Kabul in an Indian Air Force (IAF) aircraft, according to PTI, out of which 107 were Indian nationals and others, like Singh, were Afghan Hindus and Sikhs.

“We have never seen this kind of situation in Afghanistan and now that we are seeing it, everything is over. Even the government that was built in the last 20 years is finished. Everything is zero now,” Singh said talking to the press.

Another group of 87 Indians and two Nepalese nationals were flown to Delhi on Sunday.

Singh was one of the two MPs, representing the minority community, in the group of 72 Afghan Sikhs and Hindus who were stopped by the Taliban from boarding an IAF aircraft on Saturday and returned from the Kabul airport.