Valentine Week 2021: Propose Day and its significance


Guwahati:  Valentine’s day is almost here. And as the ritual goes, the week prior to the day of love marks days of proposing, chocolates, roses, teddy bears, hugs, and kisses. Valentine’s Week is here and people are all set to celebrate the second day of the romantic week: Propose Day. 

Celebrated on February 8, Propose Day is all about expressing your true feelings to the one who really matters to you. Expressing your love for someone is not an easy task, but it is crucial to let your heart out and reveal your hidden feelings. On this day, take the plunge and gather the courage to confess to your crush, friends or beloved. Whether you want to pop up the big question or just want to reignite the fire, propose day is just the right day for you.

Propose day is an important day not just for the singles but also for the couples. Even if you are already in a happy and committed relationship, you can still send romantic messages to reignite the old spark by proposing to your partner once again. Some propose their partner for marriage while some ask for a committed relationship. If you still haven’t told your special someone about how you feel, then what better than Propose Day to spill the beans! Go an extra mile and put in extra efforts to show how much they mean to you.  So what are you guys waiting for? Make the most of it and express all the feelings that you have been holding for so long.