Upset with praise of BJP and CM, Congress finally parts ways with AIUDF


GUWAHATI: The Congress has finally decided to break its alliance with All India United Democratic Front. A letter has been sent to AICC for final confirmation by the state leaders. The APCC has sent the proposal to relieve AIUDF from the Mahajot alliance. Both the parties had come together to fight against the BJP in the recently held Assam Legislative Assembly elections.

“We are surprised at the activities of Mahajot partner AIUDF. The party has been praising the BJP and the chief minister in open and it has dented our public image. In this connection after a long discussion, the Assam Pradesh Congress Committee has decided to send a proposal to AICC to relieve AIUDF from the alliance,” stated senior Congress leader and former minister Rockybul Hussain.

“The Congress has decided to break the friendship and it is fine with us. But on the question of AIUDF praising the chief minister I question that when Congress MLA from Titabar was sitting in the BJP stage with Sarbananda Sonowal, did the Congress suspend him? And when it comes to praising the chief minister, it is the Congress MLAs that have heaped more praise on him than anybody else. So, it is self-contradictory and it does not have any base,” said AIUDF Sonai MLA Karimuddin Barbhuiya.

“The APCC has taken a decision to break the alliance and has forwarded it to AICC. I consider it to be a wrong decision by Congress. Our objective was to stop the division of secular votes and stop the communal BJP. To a great extent we were successful in this but this decision by Congress will ultimately lead to BJP’s victory. BJP has used Akhil Gogoi to break the alliance and he has won. This decision has been taken by the agents of BJP within the Congress,” commented Aminul Islam, AIUDF’s Mankachar MLA & General Secretary (Org.).