UNICEF issues guidelines for journalists working amid COVID-19 pandemic


New Delhi: The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has issued guidelines for the media persons, who are working amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The guidelines issued include maintaining a distance of at least six feet while recording statements of government officials, disinfecting all equipment, and avoiding clip-on mics.

The guidelines mention:

* Wash hands as often as possible for at least 20 seconds. If there is no water, carry wet wipes and then use sanitiser. Don’t forget to sanitise mobile phones using alcohol-based sanitisers.

* Record the statements of government spokespersons and others from a distance of at least six feet. Do not huddle.

* Radio and TV reporters please do not touch the mics at all. Use disinfectant solutions to disinfect the equipment.

* Avoid clip-on mics to avoid physical contact and to maintain an appropriate distance. Use directional mics as much as you can.

* At a press conference, try to get everyone to sit leaving two seats vacant between two people.

* On your return, remove your clothes immediately and take a bath. Wash your clothes in hot water and soak in disinfectant.

* Disinfect all your belongings and keep them somewhere near the entrance. Don’t go close to children and aged people.

Recently, 53 journalists in Mumbai tested positive for COVID-19 who are all under isolation now. Most of the journalists with COVID-19 were asymptomatic, the BMC had said in a statement. (ANI)