ULFA-I awards death sentence to two of its cadres for alleged involvement with Assam Police


Guwahati: The United Liberation Front of Asom-Independent (ULFA-I) on Saturday issued the death penalty death sentence to two cadres who were allegedly involved in spying against the proscribed outfit.

As per reports in a statement issued by the banned outfit, it has mentioned that the death penalty has been issued against Dhanjit Das and Sanjib Sarma.

The ULFA-I in a statement issued on Saturday said that Dhanjit Das alias Roopak Asom of Barpeta district allegedly tried to escape from the Salman camp on April 24. He was captured by a travelling team of ULFA on April 25. “After he was captured, Dhanjit was interrogated by the team of ULFA on which he confessed that he provoked some of the other cadres to flee the camp. He also confessed that he had revealed the inside information to the Assam Police,” the ULFA statement said.

On the other hand, Sanjib Sarma of Muktapur in Baihata Chariali was detained by the banned outfit in Myanmar who was allegedly said to be the secret agent of Assam Police.

Earlier, Sarma confessed about how he was allegedly sent to join the ULFA (I) by Assam Police to gather inside information of the outfit and destroy its bases in different locations, the proscribed outfit has released the names of nine other youths who have received similar training along with Sarma .

I was trained and sent to ULFA by Joint Police Commissioner Partha Sarathi Mahanta and army official Dhunumoni Saikia. I was assigned the task of gathering information on the outfit’s camp as well as the approach to the camp. Senior police officer and army official claimed to rewards of Rs. 1 crore for acquiring the information, said Sarma on the previous video which was released by the ULFA.

Sarma stated that before joining ULFA-I, I worked in multiple Army and police missions for which I was paid Rs 10,000 and 20,000 in two missions.

Furthermore, If I get caught, I was instructed to tell a lie and given a secret password. 7896 is the password that was given to me, Sarma added.