Ugratara Theft | Threw idol into Brahmaputra, thieves tell cops


Crime Branch sleuths Thursday made a very shocking admission before the Ugratara Temple management, saying the four arrested thieves have now claimed to have thrown the idol into the Brahmaputra. A member of the temple management said police have claimed the thieves, who have been making various claims and then retracting from their earlier statements, now say that they threw the idol into the Brahmaputra.

“We don’t know where the idol is since police have failed to locate it despite arresting the four thieves. But today, a crime branch official told us that the thieves now claim to have thrown the idol into the Brahmaputra,” a temple priest and member of the management committee told News Live.


Meanwhile, crime branch sleuths carried out searches at a jewellery shop located at Paltan Bazaar in Guwahati following tip-and confessions made by the thieves claiming to have sold the ornaments of the goddess at the shop.

A team of crime branch officials carried out a search operation at RK Jewellery in search of the ornaments stolen along with the idol from Ugratara Temple. A member of the temple management committee was also present during the search operation.


However, the stolen ornaments were not recovered from the jewellery shop.