Ugratara Temple to have new idol


The Ugratara Temple management has decided to have a new idol made after police failed to locate the original idol that was stolen by thieves from the temple in the wee hours of Nov 16. The decision to have a new idol was taken after police failed to find the idol even after nearly one and a half months since the theft took place despite arresting four thieves and their accomplices, including a woman owner of a scrapyard.

The temple management committee will visit Kolkata on Jan 4 and then tour Varanasi after which the process of making a new idol will begin.

“A team of the management committee will visit Kolkata and then Varanasi to study and discuss with experts as to how to proceed so as to get a new idol of Maa Tara made,” Kailash Sarma of the temple management committee told News Live.

Four thieves had sneaked into the temple after breaking open the temple grill and then decamped with the centuries-old idol, gold jewellery, donation box and few utensils.

Police arrested the four thieves on the basis of CCTV camera footages besides making a couple of more arrests but failed to locate the idol.

The Ugratara Temple is among the 52 powerful Shakti shrines in the country and receives a steady stream of visitors every day.