Twenty new Containment Zones in Guwahati, full details here


GUWAHATI: The COVID-19 situation in Guwahati has been taking a critical turn with the rapid increase of cases in last few days.

On Sunday, twenty new containment zones have been declared in the city following the detection of COVID-19 cases at Sarumotoria, Garobasti, SBI Guest House in Sarumotoria, Games Village, Zoo Tiniali, Nabajyoti Nagar in Panjabari, Ahomgaon, Hengerabari,  B.P. Chaliha Nagar and Akashi nagar in Bamunimaidan, Sagar Apartment- S.J. Road in Athgaon, Joymati Nagar, Loco Colony in Pandu, Narayan Nagar in Bharalumukh and Boripara in Maligaon, Paltan Bazar, Ulubari, Srimantpur in Bhangagarh, Solapara in Paltan Bazar and Udaipur in Birubari.

The boundaries of the containment zones are given below:


North: Residence of Jatin Das

South: Residence of Jayanta Das

East: Public Drain

West: Bye lane No.2


North: Residence of Basanta Talukdar

South: Residence of Mukesh Choudhury

East: Hill Side

West: Public Road & Tank

SBI Guest House in Sarumotoria

North: Bye Lane

South: Dilip Hujuri Path

East: Residence of Sarat Sing Deori

West: Residence of Yusuf Ali

Games Village

North: Water Tank

South: Parking Area

East: Main Entrance Road

West: Block A-5

Zoo Tiniali

North: Residence of Munin sarmah & Others

South: Tila Path

East: Residence of Ranjit Das

West: Namghar

Nabajyoti Nagar

North: Residence of Kirat Kalita

South: Residence of Rubul Kalita

East: Residence of Karimul Ali

West: Residence of Amar Kallta


North: Vacant Plot of R. Ahmed

South: Samannay Path

East: Vacant Plot of Dr. L.M. Singh

West: Residence of P.M. Kabai


North: Hill Side

South: Namghar Path

East: Residence of Juram Hazarika

West: Residence of Madan Baisya

B.P. Chaliha Nagar

North: Residence of Prem Sarmah

South: Residence of Munindra Shing

East: Residence of Anil Saha

West: Public Road

Sagar Apartment, S.J.Road in Athgaon

North: ABC Lane

South: Balti Karkhana

East: Trimurti Apartment

West: Alu Gudam Lane

Joymati Nagar in Pandu

North: New Colony

South: Part of Joymati Nagar

East: BBC Colony

South: Main Road

Loco Colony in Pandu

North: Railway Bazar

South: Loco Colony Pandu

East: Children Park

West: Pandu Port Road

Narayan Nagar in Bharalumukh

North: Euro Kids

South: Residence of Rubul Das

East: Aradhita Apartment

West: Beria Complex

Boripara in Maligaon

North: Residence of Hari Rajbonshi

South: Boripara Namghar

East: Railway Station Road

West: Boripara Road

Paltan Bazar

North: Silver Desire

South: Plot of Padam Chand Jain

East: Residence of Jaideep Jain

West: Siddharth Residency


North: Nabin Sangh Club

South: Bholanath Mandir Path

East: Residence of Tarulata Das

West: Residence of Rupayan Bhatta

Srimantpur in Bhangagarh

North: Residence of Biswa RajKumar

South: Srimantapur L P School Road

East: Srimantapur L P School

West: Residence of Javed Islam

Solapara in Paltan Bazar

North:  KRB Road

South: Plot of Pranjal Das

East: KRC Road

West: Shree Fast Food

Udaipur in Birubari

North: Sishu Sarathi Path

South: Sai Baba Path

East: Baba Mohan Singh Path

West: Residence of Padma Kalita

Akashi Nagar, Bamunimaidan

North: Residence of M.M Deka

South: Residence of Pawan Borah

East: Akashi Nagar Youth Club

West: Residence of Tarun Sahari