TV actress, model friend commit suicide


In what is being seen as a fall-out of an alleged extra-marital affair, a television actress and her model friend allegedly committed suicide within hours, reportedly following strains in their relations. Jharna Choudhury Bishaya, a television actor, allegedly committed suicide at the railway quarter of her husband at Uzan Bazaar late Wednesday night.

Vishal Hazarika (24), Jharna’s friend who is said to be very close to her, is reported to have first seen her hanging from a fan at the quarter of her husband and had even taken her to hospital.


Jharna (46) was declared dead in hospital. And in a shocking development, police recovered Vishal’s body that was found hanging at the Sati Radhika Park at Uzan Bazaar around 8:30am today (Nov 8).

Police are looking into the two incidents although sources said the duo committed suicide following complications in their relationship since Jharna was married while Vishal was more than 20 years younger than her.