Tryst with Sushant Pal the social media influencer and theatre about his professional and struggle 


Tête-à-Tête with Sushant Pal the social media influencer and theatre about his professional and struggle 

Sushant Pal is a known face when it comes to fashion apart from being a fitness influencer along with a theatre artist. He aspires to become an actor and soon wants to be seen on the big screen under any big production house. He was born and brought up in the national capital. After completing his Diploma in Electronic Engineering he is now pursuing his degree in engineering. Besides being a student apart from being active in sports and several other things. Let’s hear from him about his life and struggle in becoming in the following paragraphs:

Tell us about your achievements and struggles you made in your life? 

I was born and brought up in Delhi and have remained active in sports and other activities. Like, I bagged a silver medal in Cross Country 2013 in Delhi. I played football at the national level in 2016 along with other sports. With cool looks, he managed to get the Mr. Cool title in 2018 in New Delhi. Soon I got involved in theatres and started working in acting skills and thus got involved in plays and theatres in order to hone my skills and progress in my career. 

How about your progress in fashion and fitness? 

With the help of social media platforms like Instagram, I started using it to showcase my photos and soon was able to create a good buzz around. I love partying, travelling and gymming along with partying with friends. This helped me to become a popular face in the fashion world that has helped him bag a couple of brands to endorse, which include Amazon, Body First, Healthvit Nutrition, Nutrition Bar, Big Muscle Ritebite, Topman Jeans, Beardo and Raymonds to name a few. This has helped me to become a cool influencer of par excellence making me the brand ambassador of Blendjet. This has helped me to make my  presence felt in the world of fashion. 

Tell us about your aspirations to become an actor. 

I have always liked acting and aspire to be seen over the silver screen under any top production house. In order to hone my acting skills, I joined theatres and soon want to see myself on the big screen. 

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