Tripura man makes utensils out of bamboo waste


Guwahati: Bamboo technologist Samir Jamatia, who had earlier received appreciation for producing a tea-like brew from the tropical grass, has now made household utensils out of its remnants that get junked at incense stick factories.

Jamatia, a resident of Gomati district in Tripura, observed that almost 90 per cent of the bamboo is wasted while manufacturing incense sticks, and the remnants, if collected, can be utilised to make environment-friendly utensils.

The entrepreneur, in collaboration with Central Institute of Petrochemicals Engineering and Technology (CIPET), Agartala, gave his idea a push, following which an incense stick manufacturing company took up the project of making plates and bowls out of bamboo waste.

“Trials have been successful and a process is underway for commercial production of the utensils. With the application of the new technology, the incense stick manufacturing companies can eye huge profits,” he said, adding that the idea has already won praise from experts.

Bamboo is grown in abundance in Tripura.