TRAGIC: Rajani Khargharia’s son even skips parents’ ‘Tiloni’ rituals


The uproar over the inhuman treatment meted out by eminent artiste Rajani Khargharia’s son Debashis on his parents that led to his mother Ruby Kharghoria’s death and father Rajani committing suicide seems to have no bearing on him. The unworthy son who had left his parents to fend for themselves after allegedly usurping money and property as mentioned in a tragic letter left by Rajani Kharghoria skipped the ‘Tiloni’ rituals — the religious rites performed on the third day after a person’s death — of his late parents.

Rajani Kharghoria, who was an acclaimed artiste and a businessman, had committed suicide under very tragic circumstances after his wife died due to want of treatment and absence of medicines. The couple had been abandoned by their son, and their three daughters also shied away from their responsibilities of taking care of their aged parents.


“It’s better not to have children like the Kharghorias had. Despite the clamour, the unworthy son neither lit the pyre of his parents who died so very tragically nor has he come to perform the religious rites,” a relative said.

NEWS LIVE had accessed five letters Rajani Kharghoria wrote addressed to his son in which he describes the inhuman treatment their son meted out on them.