Tokyo gears up for Olympic Games 2020, medals unveiled


Tokyo: The Olympic Games fever has already gripped the Tokyo city. It’s been less than a year for the mega sporting event and signs of the Olympics and logo of Tokyo Olympic are getting popular on the streets.

Japan Olympic Committee (JOC) recently held a preparatory meeting here.
The committee consists of members from the host cities, the government of Japan, prominent cultural figures and experts.

“Five years have passed since the committee was formed, and we are just a year from the Olympic Games. Thank you very much,” said Yoshiro Mori, Chairman of the JOC.

The president of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bash, also attended the meeting.

“Thanks to the engagement of Japan, Thanks to the people for their engagement, Thanks to the engagement of business communities, Thanks to the support of the federal government, Thanks to the support of TMG (Tokyo metropolitan government), Thanks to the support of so many prefectures. I can really say that I have never seen any Olympic city being as ready with preparation before one year before the game as Tokyo is,” Bach said.

During the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 “One Year To Go” ceremony, Bach also extended an invitation to National Olympic Committee to the Tokyo Olympics.
Olympic medals were also unveiled for the first time.

The medals – gold, silver, and bronze are manufactured from recycled mobile phones and small electronic devices.

These medals are 100 per cent sustainable and would not be possible without the generosity of the people of Japan. (ANI)