To support her education, girl from Guwahati turns Flipkart delivery agent


Guwahati: Breaking all the stereotypes, a girl named Priyanka has been working as a delivery executive to support her family and studies together. Priyanka, has been donning the signature blue-and-yellow colours of Flipkart and delivering the items in her scooty for the last 6 months all over Guwahati. She is a student of Handique Girls College and to support her family financially she is working as a delivery executive continuing her studies simultaneously.

It is to be noted that she is the only girl delivery executive in the city.

 Taking to News Live Priyanka said, “I have been working as a delivery executive for the last 6 months with Flipkart. During the lockdown, I was with 104 COVID-19 emergencies. But after the lockdown was over I needed to find another job to support my family and my studies. So I opted to become a delivery executive. I borrowed my father’s old scooty and started my new journey of being a delivery girl”.

“It’s not easy to get government jobs so I decided to work and do something for my family. With all these responsibilities I am continuing my studies, too. To be honest, my teachers are very supportive of my work. As they know I won’t be able to attend the classes because of work they have permitted me to sit for the exams and that is how I am pursuing my studies. Though the work is hectic but I am fine with it. I come back home around 8 in the evening and study. I start my day at around 6:30 in the morning. That is how I am doing everything”, said Priyanka.

Priyanka also added, “The approach towards my work from the people is very positive. Everyone I meet during my job praise and encourage me for the work I am doing. Being a girl it’s tough but the kind of response I get from the people makes it easy for me to work harder and harder. It has become easier to understand customer behaviour now, and even handle different kinds of situations.”